Entschuldigung für diese Nachricht in Angol.
The NddCamp, which is the leading domain name event in France, comes back for its 4rd edition on the 21th of June in Paris.
We have started to offer talks in English last year and we would like to receive a more international audience this year.

You may want to come for at least 3 reasons.

Firstly, the 21th of June is the day of the Music Fest in Paris, which is rather impressive.

Secondly, the event has a unique atmosphere. It's rather "German": no show-off in a luxuous hotel with boring speakers and sponsors, such as in most International domainers events. Our speakers and audience comprise of great professionals with an excellent spirit that come to share knowledge and improve their business. The general level is very high, mostly because the event is free of charge.

Thirdly, the French market may surprinsingly be of some interest for German domainers and websites publishers. Historically, the digital French market has always been lagging far behind the USA of course, but also from Germany and many others. And the French domaining sector was even poorer. But for some reason, we've started some 3 or 4 years ago to work closely with SEOs (which are excellent in France, no idea why) and develop specific ways of monetization. I've been in this sector for over 10 years and never really made any money with it until 2015. 2016 has been good, 2017 excellent and 2018 has started even better. What happens in the French market could be of use for others, and I'm sure that we could all understand better our respective markets with such enncounters.

In any case, you are more than welcome to register to the event : http://www.nddcamp.com